Summer Calendar Feedback (Feb. 2021)


For two weeks in December and all of January we held outdoor services away from Papamoa College for three primary reasons.


Firstly, to make our gatherings fit a ‘kiwi summer’ cultural mentality to be out in the beautiful outdoors while the weather is nice.

Secondly, to enhance our connectivity as a church family. We included optional ‘family friendly activities’ with many of these Sunday services.

Thirdly, to live out a distinctive of Current Church. We desire to be more than an ‘institutional’ church. We are a BODY…a FAMILY…and a ARMY. We are about RELATIONSHIPS with God…with one another…and with our community. Taking “Church” outside the building helps us live out this distinctive in a real and tangible way.

As we’ve grown in numbers there will be more obstacles to accomplishing our objectives as stated above. In order to plan for next summer we want to get YOUR FEEDBACK on this Summer Calendar while it is still fresh in your mind.

Because we value you as an individual we are asking you to include your name along with your feedback. If you are not willing to put your name we still want your feedback. Know that we are most interested in your HONEST feedback and it is ok to express your thoughts even if they are different than ours.

Feedback Questions